“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.”
― Richard Clarke

Welcome back! This is the third blog post in the series and you might be feeling a bit unmotivated. I get it, every blog post is long and we still have more to go.

Because I was sick of studying as well, I tried taking a practice test and completely failed the security part! So we are back here. It’s tricky to remember what does what, but do not worry — I’ll emphasize the differences between them!

  1. Compliance in AWS & AWS Artifact
  2. The Shared Responsibility Model
  3. AWS WAF & AWS Shield
  4. AWS Inspector & AWS Trusted Advisor
  5. AWS CloudTrail…

These are the services to start with when trying to conquer the AWS world

Starting with AWS can be overwhelming, and the main reason for that is the number of services they offer! When you open the All Services tab, you see a long list and no indication of where to start!

Want to get into the AWS world? This is where you should start!

Before we start, I need to say it loud and clear: I work for Amazon, but I have nothing to do with the AWS teams. I am a client of AWS services just like you, and I struggled to understand this wondrous world as well.

When I decided to start learning about it, I didn’t know what to focus on, or where to start tackling this huge monster. After watching dozens of videos and gaining some work experience, things started to click. In the upcoming blog posts, I’ll share my notes. …

Git commands you need to know, simply explained, with hands-on examples!

It doesn’t matter what’s the programming language of your choice, nor which company you work for — you will use Git.

I volunteer in AliceCode and teach programming to teenage girls. Last month I introduced my group to Git, and after seeing them struggle, I noticed all the things a fresh beginner doesn’t understand (yet!)

In this blog post, we will learn the basic git commands and see them used ‘hands-on’. Hands-on means it involves active participation/usage and not just theory.

In contrast to other tutorials, it was important for me to show the flow of the communication with git…

Here is all you need to know, for those who are *not* AWS experts but still need to complete their tasks ;)

One of my last tasks at work was adding “in-between” alarms to our system, and considering we already have alarms, it was supposed to be an easy one to complete. However, it turns out that the straight-forward solution doesn’t work in this case. Eventually, I found a tutorial with the correct solution and followed it, but I didn’t find it as beginner-friendly as I needed.

Therefore, after fully understanding, I created this tutorial. …

A year of living in Dublin, a year of working at Amazon, a year without visiting home

The year 2020 is over, and after many days of procrastination, I finally sat down to fill in a 2020 Global Tax Questionnaire I got. Sounds like a treat, I know. So I opened the link and the first question that I got was “Do you consider Israel as your home?”

Here is what you should think about when considering quitting social media. Not considering quitting? Well, maybe you should

The other day we had an online meeting at work where one of my colleagues, a man in his 50s, said proudly that he has around 150 followers on Instagram. He also mentioned that he doesn’t upload as much lately because the last several pictures he shared didn’t get many likes.

Social media is an emotional roller coaster. This man was excited to take and upload pictures, thrilled that he gained followers, disappointed that he doesn’t get enough engagement, and then sad with the decision not to upload anymore.

I don’t know how many times that man rode this roller…

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward

The responses I received from my friends to “I’m about to interview Erez Sheiner for the blog” were as follows: People who didn’t know Erez wondered what does it have to do with “cup of code” and people who did know, were thrilled to see the final result.

Dr. Erez Sheiner is a lecturer in the math department of Bar Ilan University. He teaches in the CS (computer science) department as well, where he wins “best lecturer” almost every semester. Erez also has a successful youtube channel dedicated to math and a TikTok account! On Facebook, he is a top…

Here are Dr. Erez Sheiner’s opinions on subjects that concern many students

I have a confession to make — this blog-post was mainly for me. Erez is very different from any other lecturer you’ll meet in academia, and not just because of his excellence in teaching.

Erez has gained my respect a long time ago, and I knew it would be fascinating to sit down with him and ask all the questions I was curious about ever since I was his student.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Erez Sheiner is a lecturer in the math department of Bar Ilan University. He teaches in the CS (computer science) department as…

With social distancing and working from home, it is much more than just a coffee break

cup of code blog. this is an illustration of a person waving at a laptop camera
cup of code blog. this is an illustration of a person waving at a laptop camera

It has been months that most of us are working from home, and the end date is unknown. With all the perks of saving the commuting time and not wearing pants, there are some cons as well. One of the biggest losses of WFH (=Working From Home) is the lack of coffee breaks.

I am about to present you with seven reasons to add a daily coffee break event to your team. It shouldn’t be mandatory, but hopefully, you will understand its importance and decide to join.

The first and most important reason: We are social creatures and we need…

Cup of Code

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